Recording / Arranging / Songwriting / Production

SongCircle is a Central London studio ideal for singer songwriters and solo artists looking to develop their sound and record professional sounding albums and EPs at an affordable price.

We do arranging, production, recording and mixing.

Our rates are tailored to each project and we do not charge hourly fees. The figure displayed in the listing is just indicative.

We're set in a relaxed and friendly environment.

Visit the site for a full list of what we do and to listen to some our work and see if you think we're the right fit for you.

With a wealth of experience in making and releasing records we know what it's like to be an artist trying to make a name for yourself and our services are designed with you in mind. We don't charge by the hour or by session. Our rates are tailored to each individual project, irrespective of the amount of time we spend on it.

We can arrange your songs or help develop ideas into well constructed songs. But if you're sure you know what you're looking for then our role is straightforward recording and mixing.

We can also mix tracks you've already recorded.


Terms of using : We'll always ask for a no obligation meet up before taking on any project as we want to be sure we'll be able to give it our 100% and can really add something to the project.

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