Sound Engineer

While studying at UNC School of the Arts, I have had the chance to work on several theatrical and musical productions that have allowed me to gain experience in live mixing, sound system design and engineering, system tuning, signal flow, wireless microphone troubleshooting, networked digital audio, cable management, theatrical rigging practices, soldering, crew management, and interdepartmental communications. Outside of school, my experience as a professional has helped me develop my knowledge and skills in sound system design, client driven work, budgeting, touring, working in fast paced environments, and working as a collaborative team member.

I have six years of experience in engineering for live music production and also four years of sound production experience in many types of theatre. One of my recent endeavors was a three week tour with Christafari, where I worked with another sound engineer to facilitate integrating the band’s sound system and IEM’s into each venue’s sound system. My most recent musical production as Sound Designer at UNCSA, Side Show, included a digitally networked system including a DiGiCo SD9, Shure wireless mics, d&b speakers and processing, BSS processing, and custom speakers built into the architecture of the venue.

Looking forward to working with you soon!

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